Advent Devotionals

We encourage you as an individual or a family to join Trinity in going through our daily advent devotional. Members of Trinity have contributed art, activities, devotional thoughts, and questions to go along with readings and carols. You can also get a physical copy at church each Sunday.

  • Hope

    God has designed the Christian life with anticipation and hope built into it. And what are we ultimately waiting for? Jesus! The Messiah will come back for us, deal with all evil, and then establish a perfect kingdom. This is the Christian’s hope, and it’s a certainty. So, like Christmas, start enjoying the happiness, peace, and security of Jesus right now as you wait for his return!
    Advent devotional for the week of Hope here.

  • Peace

    During Advent, we should consider not only how God’s people through long ages had to patiently await the arrival of the Messiah, but how their waiting can inform our own waiting. You see, we are waiting not for the arrival of the Prince of Peace, but for a warrior on horseback who will be “permitted to take peace from the earth ... and [will be] given a great sword.” (Revelation 6:4) We await not a baby in a manger, but “one like a son of man [whose] right hand held seven stars, [and] from [whose] mouth came a sharp two- edged sword, and [whose] face was like the sun shining in full strength.” (Revelation 13-16)

    Advent devotional for the week of Peace here.

  • Joy

    The world’s happiness is hollow and fleeting but God offers joy that is everlasting because it is rooted in Himself, producing true happiness and contentment. Instead of anxious self-sufficiency, God’s joy produces a peaceful trust that God will care for us – a trust that is not affected by outward circumstances and is evident when we are still happy even in our most difficult times. 

    Advent devotional for the week of Joy here.

  • Love

    Jesus gave up more than we can imagine. He did all of this because he loved us and because this was the only way that our dead hearts could be born again. Your family loves you and might give up a lot to get you a gift this year. But no one loves you more than Jesus, and he gave up his glory to offer you the most precious gift of all, a new heart.

    Advent devotional for the week of Love here.

  • Christ

    In this post-Christmas week, let’s look for how each gift we give or receive shows us something about what we need from or have in Jesus. Then we can understand – and hopefully believe more fully – the lyrics of the old spiritual: “you may have all this world, give me Jesus.”

    Advent devotional for the week of Christ here.