Current News/Events

Sunday Details 9/20-9/26

1. COVID Update— We continue our gatherings at the building 10:30am, but ask that everyone continue to remain vigilant for the good of our church family. 
  • We are recommending masks for those over the age of 12; however, once the sermon begins we will invite people to take off their masks.
  • Stay home if you are feeling sick
  • Stay home if you have recently contacted someone with COVID

2. Livestream Details— We continue to make weekly improvements to our livestream. If you are unable to physically gather with us, join our service on Facebook Live at 10:30am. Attached is the service order/text so that you can follow along.

3. Sunday Service: 10:30am—  Condemnation Vs. Confidence (1 John 3:19-24) Pastor Stephen

4. Care Group— Join groups as they meet for food and fellowship at the church building or in homes. Check with your group leader for details. 

5. Online Giving— Please do not forget the importance of giving during this time. You can use this link while you are physically unable to gather.


1. Men’s Timothy Training Study; Wednesday 6:30pm— Men, gather at the church building for our second study through the book of Deuteronomy. As you prepare, read through Deuteronomy 12-18.

2. Student Hangout @ the Wikoff’s Home, October 2— Students, come out at 6:30pm for a fun evening of food, games, and Bible study at the Wikoff’s! At the conclusion of the night, Shenia is inviting the girls to stay for a sleepover. 


3. Trinity 101 Beginning October 4, 9:25am— Join Pastor Bob for an “Introduction to Trinity” class that runs four consecutive Sundays in October at 9:25am. This is a helpful step for guests who would like to know more about who we are, our values, and some distinctives. 


o   10/2 Student Hangout @ Wikoff’s

o   10/4 Trinity 101 (Introduction to Trinity Class)

o   10/7 Ladies’ Titus 2

o   10/25 Member Meeting