Current News/Events

Sunday Details 11/22-11/28

1. COVID Update— We continue our gatherings at the building 10:30am, but ask that everyone continue to remain vigilant for the good of our church family. 
We are recommending masks for those over the age of 12; however, once the sermon begins we will invite people to take off their masks.
Stay home if you are feeling sick
Stay home if you have recently contacted someone with COVID

2. Livestream Details— If you are unable to physically gather with us, join our service on Facebook Live at 10:30am. 

3. Sunday Service: 10:30am— Worshipful Giving (Deuteronomy 26:1-11) Pastor Stephen

4. Sacrifice of Praise Offering— Every year Trinity sets aside this special Sunday before Thanksgiving to give generously out of thankful hearts for all that God has done. This year we will be giving toward monthly missions support for the Mittens in 2021, a four-month extension of Andrew Mee’s residency, and various needs of our missionaries, the Schlehleins, in South Africa. We are asking God to provide $13,350 to meet these needs and anything beyond this would allow us to support the Mittens into 2022. Please ask God how he would lead you to give as you prepare for our Sunday service. 

5. Fountains of Franklin, 1:30pm— Pray for our group who will be ministering at the nearby assisted living center for singing, prayer, and a short sermon Sunday afternoon. 

6. Online Giving— Please do not forget the importance of giving during this time. You can use this link while you are physically unable to gather.


1. No Midweek Gathering— Our Wednesday Timothy Training gathering will take a week off for Thanksgiving. Continue reading Deuteronomy 31-34 as you prepare for our final meeting of the year on December 9. 

2. Advent Begins Next Sunday— Through the four Sundays of Advent our sermon series will go through the genealogy of Matthew 1. Israel’s history tells the story of waiting for their Christ. The Advent season helps us identify with this waiting so that we too can look towards the Christ’s second coming.

3. Student Hangout @ the Wikoff’s Home, December 4— Students, come out at 6:30pm for a fun evening of food, games, and testimonies at the Wikoff’s! 


o 11/22 Sacrifice of Praise Sunday
o 11/29 First Sunday of Advent
o 12/13 Prayer Meeting
o 12/18 Student Progressive Dinner